Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by individuals and businesses who are shopping around. If you can't find your question resolved here, contact us and we will be sure to answer you quickly!


Q: If someone else is driving my car and they have a one vehicle accident whose insurance is responsible?

A: With most insurance policies, insurance follows the vehicle ¬meaning your policies covers any user to whom you have provided permissive use. There are exceptions -often found in minimum coverage policies, so it is important to review the policy documents to be sure.

Q:When buying car insurance does it cost more to list my wife on insuance policy? She will be driving the car, will it cost me more to have us both listed?

A: It depends on your wife¹s age and her driving record. If she¹s 25 or older and has a clean driving record, it¹s likely you won¹t see an impact on the premium. If she¹s under 25 and/or has any tickets or accidents on her record, you will likely see an impact. Most carriers will require that any drivers in household be listed on the policy as an operator.

Otherwise, if your wife is driving your car and has an accident, they could deny coverage sighting an ‘undisclosed operator’ in the household. You certainly will want to discuss this with your agent to see what your carrier requires.

Q: I got rear-ended at a red traffic light and the guy told the police that I backed up my car. He had his wife with him. I showed the cop the scratch on my car and they wrote it in the report. My question: is it a 50/50 case?

A: During the course of an investigation, adjusters may consider all testimony; however, they typically will not put much weight in the statement of a biased witness. Since the cost to repair the scratch is likely under your own deductible, you will be at the mercy of the investigating adjuster. He/she should be considering all the facts – such as, is it reasonable that you would be backing up your car at a red light? Bottom line, absent an independent witness, it is possible the adjuster will side with his insured and deny liability for the incident.



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